Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May Day Detroit 2018 Rally and March

Each of us - no matter our identity or the place of our birth - deserves clean & affordable water, housing, good iobs, & education, NOT jails, deportations, and war.

Disband ICE! No raids, no deportations!
No to lslamophobia!
No to racism, sexism, ableism, and LGBTQ oppression!
Money for iobs, housing, and education, not war!
No to imperialism, colonialism, and imperialist wars!
No more gentrification!
End police brutality!
Demilitarize police to demilitarize society!
Housing is a human right!
Water is a human right! Fix the pipes, end the water shut-offs! 
No Union Busting! $15 Minimum Wage and a Union!
End right-to-work laws!
Equal Pay for Equal Work!
Abortion on demand, without apology!
Sex work is work!
Stop the Trump-Pence agenda!