Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sunday in Cass Park with our Friends and the forgotten Worker

Head long into the future. This begins our seventh year and for the past few years this cloud of the new arena and the changing neighborhood has been hanging over our head. The future is here and the last symbolic vote today by the Detroit City Council approved a 34.5 million dollar subsidy to the Piston's millionaire owner. On top of the other Millions to the new arena group.They take care of theirs and we take care of our own.
The results of years of being with the people around Cass Park has been friendship and concern for their lives and future. That won't end, but this future that has concerned the past few years is here and now. Many of our friends have moved or been moved out of the neighborhood, some still remain. Many take a bus or bum a ride to be with us on these Sundays. Things have already changed for many of our friends.
What won't change this Sunday is that we will continue to take care of our own.