Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ypsilanti IWW Public Campaign 5/9/17

Today, the workers of Grassroots Campaigns in Ann Arbor announced publicly their intent to form a union. The following is a statement from the workers of Grassroots. Solidarity forever!
"We, the workers of Grassroots Campaigns, have gathered here today to publicly announce our intent to form a union. The organizational goals of the causes we champion here are fully in line with this intent. We, as workers, believe in the cause FOR which we work, but the conditions OF our work have to change. 
Our pay is unpredictable and unreliable. We have a bonus structure but no one can seem to satisfactorily explain how it works. We have no healthcare, no benefits, but we raise money for causes that seek to raise awareness around these and similar issues! 
The workers here rely on steady and predictable pay and on a steady and predictable job. One worker has already been fired. As we stick together through this fight, we want to ensure that doesn't happen to other workers. All workers, upon getting hired, should clearly understand the terms and conditions of their employment. However, this is simply not the case. We are all constantly on edge about the status of our employment, as the status of our job has never been clearly defined! 
We have no human resources department on-site, we are often required to do work we are not compensated for, and the list goes on. All we are asking for is treatment and pay that is in line with the progressive values Grassroots Campaigns stands for. 
That is why we today are demanding an end to the bonus system and a flat $15 an hour wage. This is consistent with the neighborhood in which we live and work. We demand that we no longer have to do work without being compensated for that work. We demand a procedure in which to air our grievances without feeling a threat to our job. We demand that our quota system be flexible to reflect the current campaign we work on. Finally, we demand that our fellow worker Norman Culp be rehired immediately! No worker should be terminated due to their desire to collectively organize with other workers, or for speaking their mind. This sets a dangerous precedent that certain my isn't in line with so-called 'progressive values.'
We workers know our rights! It is our right to collectively form together and bargain for better conditions instead of begging! This shop cannot close and will not close because of our union, we already make minimum wage so the only thing we have left to lose is our chains! We will not be bullied or lied to about what a union is and isn't. A union is a worker's best tool for success. It is a means of meeting our employer on level ground. It is a vehicle to ensure workers are looked after. It is not an 'outside entity.' We are the union. It isn't some pay-to-play scheme. The union has already stepped in once to help a worker that was left adrift by the company and we intend to continue representing all workers."