Friday, May 26, 2017

Sunday in Cass Park with our Friends and the Forgotten Worker

Sunday in the Park on May 28th will begin what is called the Summer Holidays. It seems like Spring has just started, but non the less, here we go. The warmer months have most of the same needs as any other time. It also brings more people out to the park. Food and clothing are always needed, men and women's hygiene items are also in demand. Spread the word among your friends and in your work places about the hygiene needs, most times people are willing to give from what they have to share. We can sort them out and repackage them for the next time. Bedding and sheets are also needed for those that are being placed in housing. They have just enough sometimes for the rent and little for anything else. I'm just putting this out there, because people have been asking me for some of these things.
Ready or not for the Summer Holiday, because here we go.